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Company Appraisal

professional valuation & marketable expert assessments

Company Appraisal

With our appraisal experts and our analysis program in cooperation with chartered accountants and tax consultants we produce professional expertise in valuing companies and parts of companies. We use the discounted cash flow procedure and other profit increasing methods for the valuation in order to increase the value of companies.



Discounted cash flow methods



  • business analysis
  • balance sheets
  • business structure
  • cost structure
  • adjustments
  • trends
  • market developments
  • prognosis
  • terminal value
  • etc.

With our analysis program we can also work out a value range of a company’s value:


  • In-depth depiction of a company's value with spreadsheets

  • Professional quality company brochures



IDW S6 – Quality Standard in Germany

We prepare going concern prognoses and rehabilitation concepts following IDW S6 - the German standard comparable to international practice.

A lasting forecast and the going concern opinion by IDW S6 are the professional valuation basis of future capability of companies.

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Beside detailed analysis of the current company situation, the forecast also shows the reasons for a crisis and gives a clear statement. Analysis and estimate of the market situation as well as assessment of the competition are also part of it.

Another item is the potential analysis of an object to identify future advantages, including the actual philosophy and targets. We develop concrete measures realizing the increase of potential and necessary changes that are only a few of the core items the IDW S6 Standard requests for rehabilitation concepts as well as for going concern prognosis and expert opinion.



We analyze in detail and professionally. – Your benefit is our competence

Following the IDW S6 Standard our going concern prognosis includes the planning of a profit and loss balance as well as the solvency prognosis. Also, the evaluation of key figures, respectively describing of assets and liabilities, are important components.

We list very concrete measures for the future of the analyzed company. 

Key figures are important – but the correct interpretation and reporting make the crucial difference

The result of our work is a detailed overview of the company situation and the future possibilities, demonstrated by our lasting going concern and potential prognosis.

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