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Rolf Popp Pro Consult

Compliance & Ethics

serious, reliable, confidential

Our clients expect a serious cooperation, reliability, confidentiality and of course interesting opportunities.

Compliance and Ethics - as we understand it - means that our clients, partners and business contacts get a trustworthy certainty and professional care at any time.


We keep standing by your side also in future! – Promised!


The success of RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult in business brokerage and strategy consulting results from the trust of our clients, who are attended by experience and competence in the segments of business brokerage as well as strategy consulting. In order to offer our clients always the best consulting quality, we will continue the resolute persecution of our development as well as self-critical commitment.



Compliance & Ethics - Business code


Business brokerage for small and midsize enterprises (sme) in Germany and Europe

1. My team and I are experienced business broker and strategy consultants
2. Our goal is the success of our clients
3. Our expertise, creativity and the combination of our capabilities is your success factor
4. We handle all information given to us absolutely confidential
5. We are reliable in everything we do
6. It is our responsibility to ensure that your time is invested sensibly and effectively
7. Our methods are goal oriented and characteristic of the way we execute our transactions
8. Our business stands in agreement with nature, life and law

RPPC Compliance stands for

• Lasting Success Orientation
• Trust & Discretion
• Reliability
• Correctness
• Passion for excellence
• Respect
• Harmony with general rules and acknowledged procedures



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