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Company Mergers

The future is now – company mergers, in particular with small and medium-sized companies, are playing a crucial role.

Nowadays, company mergers offer an effective means for companies to secure jobs in the long term and to generate new potentials.

Mergers are no longer reserved for the big players, instead, small and medium-sized companies SMEs are also seeking their opportunities in this field - and find them provided they have a good transaction management.

Advantages and synergies lie mainly in the field of purchasing and sales, production, expansion of the market position, exploitation of existing machines and commercial real estate, reaching critical company size and gaining knowledge and skills.


Me and my team are your merger consultant in Germany and Europe

Apart from the valuation of a company, communication and a goal-oriented transaction management are of great importance for a successful merger. The transaction management comprises an intelligent and strategically meaningful post merger concept as the most essential success factor for the merger phase after the deal.

If you have not yet found a suitable strategic partner for a merger, we will analyze your company and seek and find the right partner for you.

We advise, evaluate and accompany merger projects - also as your coach.


5 Steps to a Merger

The classical company merger process of preparation – accomplishment – realization is nowadays not successful anymore because it cannot work out many present needs as well as individual aspects and constellations of the modern economic world.



4 possible targets


  1. Significant synergies (i.e. products, distribution, technologies, etc.)
  2. Disproportional growth
  3. Attractive alternative to company acquisition
  4. Common targets & interests (i.e. market entry, special customer acquisition, etc.)



2 possible situations


  • A.) The partners for the company merger have already found each other
  • B.) One party has defined its target for merger but has no partner yet


For starting situations, the professional work of analysis and preparation is highly recommended. That saves money, time and energy. In the realization of a company merger we distinguish 5 different phases.



I distinguish 5 phases of a company merger (services):

A1 - Pre-Merger Consulting (Analysis & Preparation)
A2 - Pre-Merger Consulting (Research & Mediation)
B - Merger Consulting (Valuation, Strategy & Transaction support)
C1 - Post-Merger Consulting (Organization of the integration)
C2 - Post-Post-Merger Consulting (Integration practice)


The profound change during and after a company merger opens and activates the crucial potential for increasing growth, profitable synergies, and new markets. The mid-business sector should consider the topics of company merger with its basic toolbox for company strategies. For that the 5 phases model optimally fits to any set conditions.




Apart from a complete acquisition of a company, a participation is another option. This can be either a strategic participation or a step-by-step take-over. The advantages are obvious. Firstly, within the scope of a participation, the company can be observed intensively over a longer period of time.


Secondly, you can secure the option to acquire further company shares, for example with pre-emption rights. A special form of participation is the reciprocal participation which is mainly used in customer/supplier relationships and has been successfully practiced for decades, mainly in Japan.




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