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Welcome to our partner network



Our partners are very experienced experts in the respective specializations around the purchase and sale of companies. It consists of independent, independent consultants who are not responsible for each other.


We greatly appreciate the cooperation and can recommend our partners without reservation.





Henry Campbell-Jones - Business Broker - M&A


business broker UK


Henry is a very experienced expert and partner for possibilities in the UK and London area. He has more than 15 years experience as business broker. He has deep knowledge and is an expert and specialist in the British and the Commonwealth M&A market.


In particular, he is handling technical businesses especially on the selling side, both on the UK and the entire Scandinavian market. Nevertheless, this gives London City, but also the catchment area of London, and the regions of Bristol and Nottingham a strategic aspect to his M&A transactions. Henry also heads his own company Hornblower Ltd., a business brokerage in London, with which has a strategic partner agreement.





Hans Bauer - Bauer M&A - Business Broker


business broker Germany


Hans is our M&A and company appraisals partner, he has more than 25 years experience as business broker and strategy consultant. The major interest of his work is the support of entrepreneurs in company succession. His aim is to successfully organize the generation transfer in mid-sized, family-owned companies.

In the course of his professional life, he has already supported many companies from various sectors and business segments in business acquisitions and sales. For this reason and based on company appraisal as well as analysis of feasibility, Mr. Bauer has developed a coherent strategy concept including assortment aspects etc. for each transaction. This allows the limitation of potential company purchasers to contact within a manageable range.





Prof. Dr. Christoph Eipper - Eipper Enviromental Expert M&A


M&A Specialist Enviromental


Christoph is an outstanding expert and partner in environmental analyses and environmental issues respectively interdisciplinary items in the environmental sector. This means to analyze, to evaluate and to show the sustainable chances and relevant risks in an advisory opinion.

Especially in the acquisition and sale of companies, including commercial properties, these factors play an important role and are supported by Christoph nationally and internationally.






Liu Huping - Huping Business Possibilities China


Business possibilities China


Liu Huping is a specialist for business possibilities for China and Asia. He has a large number of business contacts in China and is regularly travelling in this region. Mr. Liu Huping perfectly speaks German, English and, of course, Mandarin as native language.

He possesses a profound knowledge of the Chinese legal system and administration. He successfully attends mid-sized companies in the Chinese market and in international company transactions. In particular, Mr. Liu was able to realize some important business brokerages in the context of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.





Peter Gehring - Gehring Head Hunting


business broker succession Germany


Peter is a specialist for head hunting. Mr. Gehring looks back on more than 12 years of successful "direct search". The variety of supported branches is as wide as with the other partners.

Especially to be emphasized is the ability of Mr. Gehring to perform the difficult search for business executives or managers combined with the solution of a company succession. In doing so, he conveys the candidates a real enthusiasm for the offers and opportunities.






Robert Aumüller - Aumüller Tax Consultant + Company Appraisals


company appraisals Germany


Robert is a tax accountant and auditor, he looks back on more than 30 years of experience in the field of business acquisitions and business sales which has always been a central item of his work. Company valuation and appraisals is one of his main focuses.

The crucial treasure of experience shows that Robert knows every company situation and every business sector. For this stands also his enthusiastic intuition for all what could be done.





Rainer Wunderlich, Dipl.-Ing., LL.M. - Wunderlich Advocacy of Patents


Patent attorney


Rainer is a European Patent Attorney, he is specialized in technical aspects in machine engineering and plant manufacturing, in the automotive sector, in machine tools and construction machinery as well as process technology, to give only some examples.

Rainer also conducts the examination of patents and trademarks in the context of IP Due Diligence. This is a regular task within the business brokerage process - especially in business acquisitions and sales - in order to clarify the legal situation according to commercial trademark rights.


Of course Rainer has very special and valuable experience from his work in his law office "Wunderlich & Heim" in Munich in the fields of enforcement and advocacy of patents, trademarks, and registered designs.




we appreciate working together with our partners very much !


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