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Due Diligence

Due diligence obligations in company acquisitions and sales

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Services

If you want to buy a company, we offer full service around due diligence analysis. We will ensure that your information on potential acquisitions of companies or parts of companies is accurate and thoroughly verified before you acquire a company.


We ensure that you will get the best due diligence consultant for each segment you need.


We provide some of the following services ourselves, for others we recommend our experienced and specialized partners.



These Due Diligence DD analyses are possible:


  • Finance

  • Strategy

  • Tax

  • Market

  • Technology

  • Environment

  • Legal

  • Insurance

  • Patents

  • Company valuation / appraisal


Tax and Legal Due Diligence is offered by our reliable and expierenced partners.

Due Diligence - Finance / Corporate Finance

Within the scope of Due Diligence Finance / Corporate Finance we conduct analyses of the financial situation, planning and the existing business model. In this case annual financial statements, economic evaluations and business plans are the main focuses of our analysis.


At the same time, this due diligence is regularly the basis for a sensible company appraisal.

Due Diligence - Tax

Together with our cooperation partners, such as tax consultants and auditors, we offer tax-related due diligence.

Due Diligence - Environment

Today, due diligence as environmental risk assessment is one of the most important tasks.

The environmental risk evolving from buying or selling a company is often neglected. However, it is particularly the environmental risk(s) which can frustrate a project or even turn it into a disaster.

Play it safe with environmental due diligence

Within the scope of environmental risk analyses, we professionally assess various environmental risks arising in company transactions performed by our partners.
The classic environmental risks cover soil, water, air, noise, emissions and immissions. However, environmental risks may also lie in expiry dates of official permits or in the organizational structure of a company which causes for example a high number of industrial accidents and usually leads to the private liability of the managing director or management.

The assessment of environmental risks prior to acquiring a company brings both clarity and security and also identifies impending risks.


Due Diligence - Legal

Legal due diligence deals not only with the analysis of the purchase contract, but also with the risks resulting from contracts between the company and suppliers, customers and other third parties.
It is our pleasure to recommend suitable and competent lawyers.

Due Diligence - Insurance

Have you already asked yourself if the company you wish to purchase is overinsured or underinsured?
Insurance due diligence will give you the answers.

Due Diligence - Patents

Technical companies, in particular, are often in possession of patents. When purchasing or selling a company, these patents must be assessed and analyzed, and possible risks need to be established.

  • Evaluation of existing patents and trademarks
  • Assessment of existing patents and trademarks
  • Addressing all arising questions


Our specialized partners are competent and experienced lawyers and engineers and will be happy to assist.


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