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M&A for Japanese companies

With us you will find a suitable company to buy in Germany or Europe

Globalization has dramatically changed the economy world in recent decades. Intensive, international business relationships are more important today than ever. In this context, many Japanese companies have recognized that it is extremely advantageous to have their own presence in Germany or Europe.


Our ikigai for M&A transactions - business brokerage

With us, Japanese companies create a direct entry into the German/European market



1. Opportunities for Japanese companies to enter the European market

Japanese companies have different possibilities to open up this market. The fastest and safest way is to acquire a company in Germany or Europe.

Our experience and recommendation are that Japanese companies acquire either 100% or initially a minority stake of between 25.01% and 49.9% of a company.

Our advice, related on our experience, is against of less than 25.01%.


We are the business broker for Japanese companies in Germany and Europe


A joint venture also offers an interesting approach that is definitely possible.


2. The European market


Europe is one of the largest and most most stable markets in the world. With more than 500 million consumers, the European Union offers huge sales potential.


With your own presence in Europe, Japanese companies can access this market very easily. Among other things, you can benefit from the advantages of common trade within the EU and the currency (euro).


This has always applied to sectors such as automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, technology and electronics. Currently this applies in particular to the areas of renewable energies through to environmental technology.



3. Mutual cultural appreciation

It is important to mention that the values of the societies, especially between Japan and Germany, are similarly sustainable and reliable. This has been particularly true in the area of quality for decades.



4. Political stability and legal certainty


Politically, too, the systems in Japan and Europe are more similar than in other Asian regions.


Germany and many other European countries are known for their political stability and legal certainty. This creates a favorable business environment that makes investments safer. The European legal structure also provides protection for intellectual property and fair-trade practices.

A local presence is also the easiest way to establish yourself, especially in a time of ever-increasing protection of markets.



5. Reliable Business Broker Japan - Germany / Europe


For more than 25 years we have been working as a business broker for international companies also from South & East Asia. For these we look for and arrange strategic partners, joint ventures, company investments and company acquisitions.

With our location in the middle of Germany and Europe, we are ideally positioned for your project. In addition, we in Würzburg see ourselves committed to the idea of international understanding between Japan and Germany.


Historically, this has been practiced with the Siebold Foundation for German/Japanese Friendship and the two museums in Würzburg and Nagasaki.




Expansion into Germany or Europe is a strategically smart decision for Japanese companies.

We are looking forward hearing from you.


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