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Rolf Popp Pro Consult

Business Brokerage

Germany and Europe

For my team and me professional business brokerage is our day-to-day business.


As your competent business broker in all German-speaking countries and in whole Europe with more than 25 years of experience, I advice you and attend all your questions and tasks around successful business brokerage.

Me and my team are the right partner for you, if you

  • are looking for a German or European investor/buyer or
  • want to sell or buy a company in Germany or Europe



Business Brokerage & Transaction Consulting


Since we are engineers ourselves, we are specialized in technical business areas. Our competence range reaches from electronics, mechanical engineering and synthetic technique to engineering offices till software companies. We also successfully attend the wholesale trade as well as trade business in general.

Best choise


Our business brokerage includes:

  • Professional support buying a business / company acquisition
  • Experience from more than 2,500 M&A and SME projects
  • Extensive contacts (sellers as well as buyers)
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Target research & marktscreening
  • Reliable and perfected marketing strategies
  • Reliability and professional acting
  • Professionally prepared company assessment



Business brokerage for medium-sized and small enterprises, SMEs

Our projects are focused on medium-sized and small companies where we work for company buyers as well as company sellers. That’s why we always know both sides of the negotiating parties and also know exactly what is where and when to be done.



Buying and selling companies - M&A in Germany and Europe

Business brokerage is a kind of business and, of course, we also act internationally as buyers from Asia to America are playing an increasingly crucial role - especially in the segment of business sales.

We know the necessary details and ways to a successful business brokerage

A reputable business sale requires an intensive analysis. We identify all features and the potential of your company in order to get a useful planning for the best possible practice. This is especially needed in financial planning as being a very important part of the entire process. These are the key factors for a successful and stable positioning of sales conditions and price for later negotiations.



M&A Target Sourcing - Business Broker in Germany and Europe!

We know how it works.


Business Broker Germany

Additionally to the analysis, the company valuation is a quite important and necessary step. We guarantee best competence and clear statements combined with comprehensive expert opinion. Only an entire and complete documentation leads a business brokerage to success.


Transaction consulting M&A

Best preparation is the basis of our success


The individually tailored search for interested parties requires experience and know-how. Since more than 17 years investigation has been our day-to-day business, just as the identification and realization of potential partner contacts. Also, a professional database is inalienable in the way we use it.
Naturally, we operate our research and business brokerage nationally as well as internationally. For this purpose, we are partner within an international network of consultants.



Target sourcing and market screening

to find specific interested parties


One of the most important challenges within the business brokerage process – no matter if sale or acquisition of a business - is to find the best suitable person or target for negotiation.


Our brokerage services include:

  • Experience from more than 2,500 M&A projects
  • More than 1.5 million of company data
  • A comprehensive national and international network
  • Experience in research and investigation
  • Best know-how in communication and marketing
  • workshops buying and selling companies

That is why we are the right specialist for the search of suitable partners, no matter if for a business sale or a business acquisition.



Interesting targets and successful M&A deals - We know how to act.


Our procedure is target-oriented, individually tailored and, of course, discreet. – All this and our network as well as name recognition support you in shaping your business sale or acquisition.



Our communication skills lead to your success

Principally, the brokerage of a business is a question of sensitivity combined with strategy. Me and my team are specialized in the observance of tact during the entire negotiation process starting from the first contact up to the closure of a successful deal.

You should not be satisfied with less than the best.


Ask us now for an information package for your business brokerage and send an email to rolf.popp(at) or use the contact form on this site.
We gladly send you our detailed information which will give you a personal and transparent overview of our procedure and key factors for your success.

We would like to make you an attractive offer fair and individual.


Our full M&A Service



Additionally to our own consulting business, we offer you some further services via our partner network that are needed in the process of business brokerage. This way you profit from the close, full-service co-operation of chartered accountants, patent attorneys, environment analysts, insurance specialists, etc.


Business Brokerage – your negotiation strategy


In the event you want to buy or sell a business, very often you already have some concrete contacts or objects which whom you speak already.


As your experienced business broker we know that this is not bad, but we also know that this kind of negotiation fails regularly. Having only one negotiation party available is mostly not sufficient because there are too many situations and factors that can make the process fail. In addition, the probability of failure increases when you don’t have any kind of professional service of an experienced consultant who knows to interpret the relevant signals.


Our clear suggestion is: Let you support by an expert for business brokerage, no matter if you already have an interested party for negotiation or not.

I´ll make more out of your possibilities

Ask now for your information package with company brokerage, via Email at rolf.popp(at) or use the contact form on this sites.
We gladly send you our detailed information, which give you a personal and transparent overview about our procedure and key factors for your success.


We’d like to make you an attractive off

fair and individual.


Research – Our Contact Network

We achieve our success in research thanks to our target-oriented network of more than 2,000 contacts from 25 years of M&A business brokerage.


Additional we also have access to more than 1,4 million company contacts


Economic researches are no longer an accidental product of the entrepreneur. A successful research is the result of the combination of a modern research technique comprising complicated and intelligent operating strategy parameters as well as, in particular, the creative human factor.


Hence the applied technique is as important as experience, sector know-how, best contacts and a wide-spread data basis. Only the one who has the right infrastructure (contact network) can be sure about the best possible results. Professional research requires a mix of special competences which can only be developed step by step.


Fig.: Professional contact network / ROLF POPP PRO Consult


In the area of economic researches RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult is not only specialized in the research for company brokerage (company acquisition, company sale), strategic partnerships, corporate co-operations, successions and management buy-ins (MBI) but also in competition analysis. With this clear focus we make it possible to our clients to always achieve optimal results, even with very specialized demands and search profiles.



Our developed network works for your benefits!


Beside the use of our long-standing network and further external data pools, our mainly mid-sized clients profit from a unique partner network, nationally as well as internationally. Best federation contacts to neighboring networks deep into a number of branches guarantee best results for any successful M&A project - mergers and acquisitions.


By means of an exact analysis and detailed, tailored strategy diversion, we use perfectly set search profiles, filter and data masks within our contact network. In every strategic search we completely screen one of the defined areas and approach target results in a scientific way. According to the projection and strategy a kind of knowledge will be developed which simultaneously corresponds to the current net strategies.



These are the key figures of RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult's research network:


  • Long-standing, developed contact network
  • Access to diverse internal & external sources
  • Best contacts in branches, federations & further networks
  • Wide-spread partner & co-operation networks
  • National & international activities in a number of markets
  • Use of unique techniques for strategy, profiling & screening


RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult is your partner with a successful M&A network!




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