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Industry Award "BEST OF"

Industry Award 2014

In the category "Service & Support", ROLF POPP PRO Consult was awarded the title "BEST OF"


After the Innovation Award 2014, Rolf Popp's competition contribution "Dynamic Strategic Triangle" was also awarded the quality title "Best of 2014" of the Industry Award in the category "Service & Support".


Every year, the German “Initiative for small and medium-sized businesses” awards the prize to companies and products providing high economical, societal, technological or ecological benefits. In 2014, ROLF POPP PRO Consult was awarded the title "Best of 2014". The jury of more than 30 experts (universities) and specialized journalists voted for the "Dynamic Strategic Triangle" – developed by Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Rolf Popp – to the circle of the best products for the German industry.

The clients of ROLF POPP PRO Consult directly profit from the strategy innovation of the "Dynamic Strategic Triangle".

The "Dynamic Strategic Triangle" describes the interaction and relation of all involved factors within the sales process. – Also the further development to the "Dynamic Strategic Quadrangle" has been published by RPPC and explains the relative impact factors to the competition.

Learn more about the innovation laureate "Best of 2014" on the blog

"Wettbewerbsvorteile by Rolf Popp" (in German language only):

Dynamic Strategic Triangle

Blog Wettbewerbsvorteile

Dynamic Strategic Quadrangle


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RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult is a nationally and internationally successful consulting company providing the business segments "strategy consulting" and "company brokerage".


In the segment "strategy consulting" the focus lies on strategy, marketing, planning, communication, finances as well as company potentials & growth.


In the area "company brokerage" ROLF POPP PRO Consult is one of the most successful brokers and M&A partners with more than 2,000 projects. Supported are business acquisitions and business sales. Also, strategic partnerships, co-operations, share interests, company mergers are supervised by the experienced company.


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