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M&A Cross Border Services



Mergers and Acquisitions for international clients


As specialists in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), we open the German market for national and international investors and support successful acquisition and sharing processes.


The internationalization of markets and competition progressively defines the strategic needs of successful enterprises. Therefore, companies and investors are more and more adjusting their tactical mix on top of that by globally optimizing the fields of development, production, services, distribution markets and competition.



Exemplarily, our cross border research can be used for:

  • Customers
  • Retailors and Representatives
  • Suppliers
  • Development & Production Partners
  • Others



These are the levels of our international business activities:

1)  From our headquarters we serve the international business world

a) without local co-operation partners

b) with local co-operation partners

2)  Finding and establishing of international licensees

3)  International subsidiaries

a) without local co-operation partner

b) with local co-operation partner

4)  Joint Ventures

5)  Company acquisitions and company sales



We open international opportunities and create solutions.

For that, we consider specific international and local rules, cultures as well as procedures.



These are our international customers:

a)  German companies (from Germany to international markets)

b)  International clients for target markets in

- Germany

- Europe

- Asia

- Worldwide



Our international M&A service portfolio:

We search and broker:

  • International Acquisitions (Company Purchases & Company Sales)
  • Strategic Partners
  • Joint Venture Partners
  • Co-operation Partners
  • License Partners
  • Customers & Suppliers


New opportunities for new business times. We are your partner for your internationalization to join concrete international markets in a professional and successful way.

Together with our international partners, we have been successfully realizing cross border transactions and projects for many years.


Our international business partner network is exemplary present in: Austria, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania, Poland and in further countries worldwide as China, India, etc.

Still having questions? – We’re looking forward to your contacting. Phone +49 (0)931 88068-18



All our international partners have professional skills and experiences:

  • Top know-how
  • Excellent knowledge of the local market
  • Best contact network
  • Professional project and implementation management



RPPC Pro Consult – your contact for your internationalization


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via email: rolf.popp(at)

via contact form on this site

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