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This is what business contacts say in 2024 about our M&A advice business brokerage Germany & Europe

In addition to working as M&A corporate intermediaries and company brokerage, we are normally additional commissioned as M&A consultants for the purchase and sale of companies or investments.

Today we are proud to give you a personal insight into our activities and the opinion of our business contacts regarding our M&A advice.


Reference: M&A advice on buying and selling companies


Excerpt from an M&A advisory feedback ID code P 2599-B from 2024:


I worked with Mr. Popp on a company succession solution. His advice regarding the negotiation process, determining the purchase price and drafting the contract was of great added value for all parties.


His support was very technically sound and extremely pragmatic. I can therefore recommend him without hesitation for any relevant concerns.

Best regards
Stefan R.


Thank you for the nice feedback. I wish you much success with the company and all the best.


If you have any questions about company succession, buying and selling companies or investments, please do not hesitate and get in touch without obligation.


I promise absolute discretion here.


We were happy to discreetly discuss the possibilities together.


I´m looking forward hearing from you.
Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Rolf Popp


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