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We have been the succesful SME Business Broker of an established, mid-sized steel and metal construction company. Business brokerage with passion, heart and mind.

Even in times of Corona, we have realized the success of our business contacts.



Behind this M&A project (company sale) there was a successful SME steel and metal construction company. The owner was looking for a successor and buyer as part of the successor solution.


There were various reasons for our commissioning. After the owner's own contacts were unsuccessful, he decided to put the project in professional hands. It was important to the owner that an experienced business broker he trusted took care of his project in a sustainable and intensive manner. This also included a really realistic market value assessment and the development of actually target-oriented company presentations for a clear and effective communication with potential buyers.


Another aspect to choose us as his business broker, was to reduce the complexity of the existing company structure with commercial property, rental company and operational company in order to develop a feasible and financially viable handover model. An equally important reason was to filter out the purchase candidates who were serious and seriously interested. This task is not possible without market experience and had regularly cost the seller a lot of unsuccessful time during his own selling activities.


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During the entire collaboration, the exchange of information on the current M&A market situation was always an important indicator of the probability of a deal. The aim here was to find the buyer who pays a serious and fair price. Such a search can take several years, as in this case, which regularly has various reasons. Because the owner knew that it wouldn´t be an easy job, it was also important for him, that his business broker wouldn´t give up, even after several months of research and many discussions.


We did not give up, but only ended with the active search when the right buyer was found.


Selling a company is detailed analysis, recognition and marketing of values


The seller and previous managing director will continue to accompany the handover process for a certain period of time.


A successful M&A business brokerage deal - We are pleased about the success that has now been achieved and wish the vendor and, of course, also the buyer all the best and continued success.

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