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Successful business brokerage in high-tech metal processing P 2311-S

Sale of a high-tech metal processing company (lathe, mill, grind)
As part of the succession solution, we were commissioned with the entire process of selling a successful, medium-sized metalworking company...

In this context, our first task was to analyse the company and to work out and assess sales-relevant aspects. One of the challenges was the preparation of convincing marketing documents.


Business Brokerage: detailed analysis and recognition of values

The extensive and intensive search for suitable buyers, the discussions and the conception of sales models with potential candidates as well as the special strength of our activity for the owner, but also for the buyer, were certainly the core of our activity.


Business Brokerage: continuous, intensive and active research

At the end of the process, we were able to find a foreign investor with a branch in Germany who finally acquired the business, and now continues the operations and expands the location. For a certain time, the seller and previous managing director will continue to accompany the business handover process.

A successful deal - we wish both, the buyer and the seller, good luck!


The Management



Mr. Popp has more than 20 years of experience in national and international company brokerage. He is an excellent expert in the demands and opportunities of the whole SME segment in Germany and Europe. His large national and also international networks and contacts complete his and the company’s profile.

ROLF POPP PRO Consult (RPPC) is an M&A specialist active at regional, national and European level for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) interested in acquisition and sale of companies and shares (company brokerage), strategy consulting and merger consulting.


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