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ROLF POPP PRO Consult at the International Toy Fair Nurnberg

Here, your teddy bear learns to run


From January 30 – February 04, 2013, the world’s biggest Toy Fair in Nurnberg offered to approx. 2,700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries the opportunity to present their newest products. 80,000 traders, distributors, buyers & others wanted to know more about the last toy developments, technical innovations etc. By following the trend also this year both, exhibitors and visitors, became more and more international.

Pic. - Rolf Popp discusses with the CEO as well as with the heads of Marketing and Sales of an Asian exhibitor.

Enough of good reasons for ROLF POPP PRO Consult showing its presence at the Toy Fair as well. Also in 2013, there were no absence of innumerable innovations from inter-active products to the newest applications in technology and design. By using the excellent opportunity, ROLF POPP PRO Consult was extending its international network.

The developments and needs of the various toy segments are quite different. And different as well are the marketing items which are crucial for success at the fair. Still today these are the communication, appearance (booth, staff etc.), fair concept, product presentation, image etc. – Herewith many exhibitors are going on in their already successful marketing strategy. On the other hand a lot of exhibitors – very engaged but economically seen fruitless – will also go on in their treadmill of wrong activities by strategy.

ROLF POPP PRO Consult is knowing the reasons for that in success as well as in failure.

With our experience of more than 17 years in consulting, strategy and communication, we discussed with many exhibitors about their potential and possibilities on the market. Within short analysis we also could correct some of the worst fair mistakes by first major steps directly at the show.
Consulting comes from advice.

An international trade fair is the best place to recognize a company‘s strengths or weaknesses with the economical acting. They are market places of possibilities for development, growth and new chances, but also a dangerous place for unused potential. Instead of sales and distribution contracts, the exhibitor leaves with empty hands and doesn’t know why. – The one who is able to identify his deficits can react to them and will change the strategy. Who is looking for professional advice, gets from us a detailed analysis as well as a successful tailored concept including complete market solutions.

Rolf Popp: An efficient marketing is always the success of integrated strategies.

The product first! – It actually was one of the most successful exhibitors who has reminded to this famous basic rule of marketing. But of course he knew exactly that a real chain of individual and synchronized measures came together with the product. Only at the end of this, he finally could realize the successful sale. By knowing this we also know that the marketing has to follow the product, not the other way round. All elements, conditions and details need an integrated strategy in balance, i.e. with the fair items mentioned above as segments of strategy. – Yes, the product first ... but the business target always is the market success!

An impartial acquired experience and a free look helps

The presence at an exhibition very often shows, which kind of marketing works by strategy and by positioning, respectively which not. The most innovate and inspired product or the best organization has to fail if marketing strategy, communication, image appearance etc. doesn’t work. Our trade fair analysis made the facts visible, the positive marketing destinations as well as the negative.

As consultants for conception, strategy & marketing, the competence-team of ROLF POPP PRO Consult always stands at your side.

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Based on our extensive experience we analyze the companies of our clients in detail. We identify chances as well as risks, and find the right opportunities and solutions for a successful future.


Strategy Consulting / Growth Consulting:

  • Company analysis
  • Analysis for corporate strategy and growth
  • Corporate planning
  • Development of strategies, competitive advantages and specific measures


For this we discuss and develop suitable strategies, models and concepts for your prospective success.



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We are your business broker for SMEs located in Germany, Europe

Today every corporate leader or top manager has to attend to all topics of mergers & acquisitions. We are experienced business brokers and M&A consultants in Europe with our headquarter near Frankfurt a.M.:


  • Business sales
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  • Transaction consulting
  • Company appraisals
  • Market screening
  • Strategic partnerships
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Research & Target Sourcing

We offer to our business broker customers the efficient search for suitable objects as well as the complete market screening


Even today it becomes more and more important to find the best and right business partner. For that the research as well as the contact handling is crucial to the success.


For you and for your company we find:

  • Target profiling
  • Market Sreening 
  • Research process


On the basis of our longstanding experience we exactly know how it works. We’d be glad to support your search.



Company Appraisals

Theory is patient. – We prefer both, theory and practice!


As your business broker we also offer analyses and valuations. Therefore we determine real values, potentials and needs, but also the risks. We know how to appraise the facts.


Company Appraisal – our offers:

  • Company Appraisal as Assessment Report
  • Company Appraisal as Value Estimation
  • Continuation Forecast – IDW Standard
  • Situation Analysis
  • Evaluation of Future Viability
  • Due Diligence


With 20 years of experience we offer you realistic valuations for marketable company values as one of our business brokerage services.




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