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Communication for a successful M&A company purchase / succession

It's hard to believe, but communication, especially among prospective buyers, is subpar.

I have to say it clearly because over the last 3 years I have increasingly noticed that buyers have a communication style that causes every negotiation to fail.

Are you aware that over 75% of all prospective buyers never buy a company!

It doesn't really matter whether it's an MBI candidate or a company. This also applies to foreign investors. One has the feeling that interested parties are behaving like a elephant in a china shop. Many people haven't heard that in Germany and Europe, too, it's important not to lose face.

I am convinced that many deals don't happen because the buyer communicates incorrectly or doesn't communicate!

And even for those who previously claimed openness and flexibility, it must be recognized that almost 100% will ultimately revert to their old beliefs.


A real M&A sparring partner is essential here.


I also recommend a person who not only says cheaper, but also believes a deal should also make sense at a higher price.


Five things are often forgotten by buyers:

  1. They are not only interested parties
  2. Firstly, that there are negotiations to agree on a price
  3. No owner will give away his company
  4. Successful companies always have their price
  5. A buyer must be willing to pay a good price and these are not his own limits
  6. The detection of great targets also has its price, because everyone is looking for the pearl in the haystack


Below are a few tips for your negotiations when purchasing a company or company succession.


I therefore recommend paying attention to the following:

  1. Polite & respectful greeting
  2. Create transparency about your own person/company with your CV or company profile
  3. Express and justify your interest in a sustained manner
  4. When buyers receive information, it should be responded to
  5. Respectful communication
  6. Acceptance of sales ideas
  7. Analysis of the company where real risks exist
  8. Invite people to develop models together that lead to a deal
  9. Make you aware of recognizing and overcoming your own beliefs


I constantly advise companies and people on their M&A purchase negotiations, but also owners on their sales negotiations. So, I know exactly what is necessary and where the options lie.


If you are interested, or do you have questions, I look forward to your valued inquiry.


We were happy to discreetly discuss the possibilities together.


I´m looking forward hearing from you.


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