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Company Succession – The best Future for your Company!

For every entrepreneur, the right company succession is a matter of heart because the own company should remain only in the best hands.

In Germany alone, succession is an urgent question for approx. 22,000 companies(1) every year. Additionally, more than 100,000 further succession cases are actually unsolved. In all Europe this means that we have currently estimated 540,000 unclear company successions.


The figures illustrate that the number of unsolved company successions will also rise in future.



We are specialists in company succession


Some reasons for a failed company succession:

  • The successor has not the right personality
  • The successor model is not built in an economically realistic way
  • The company appraisal was not made in a merchantable way
  • The successor or predecessor is not satisfied
  • The employees were not in mind in the succession deal
  • The transfer is not realized in a positive way
  • The collaboration with customers and suppliers was not incorporated


It is rightly spoken a so called “succession problem”. However, all entrepreneurs who start their succession activities timely have good chances to find the best solution for their companies, for the employees and, of course, also for themselves. Furthermore, all those who are ready to consult with experienced experts have very good to excellent chances to achieve a satisfying succession result.


Company Succession – We support you!


The support by a serious succession expert does have its price but it helps to create the best possible solution model. With its long-standing specialization RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult guarantees the right result also for unexpected and complex constellations.



Company succession – Analysis and consulting generate success!


Variants of company succession:

  • Internal family succession
  • Internal company succession (MBO)
  • Management Buy In (MBI)
  • External managing director
  • Sale of shares
  • Full company sale
  • Foundation, fond etc.



Company succession – Moderation / Coaching


We stand by the side of our clients with competence and discretion. From the first moment, we facilitate and coach the succession process:


  • we find a suitable and motivated successor
  • we prepare a neutral company appraisal
  • we lead a fair and independent moderation, i.e. inside the family for the sectors of company value and frame conditions
  • we develop participation models, i.e. in the event of several internal successors
  • we develop a concept for individual and special succession cases
  • we support the transfer phase
  • we coach the successor



Company succession – Performance and Brokerage

At the most the search for an interested and suitable successor is needed with the company succession in addition to our coaching. Therefor our experienced services offer concrete and specific tailored solutions.


Offer Company succession:

  • Consulting for the “best succession model“
  • Merchantable estimation of the company value
  • Data and strategy based search for suitable successors
  • Merchandising of the company
  • Development of a handing over model
  • Process-Moderation & best practices
  • Solution communication
  • Due Diligence
  • Successor Integration



Company succession –

Company appraisal resp. company value


The successful succession very often depends from the generation of the price in a right way. Neither any money should give away nor the amount should handicap the succession. Our know-how for a really merchantable company appraisal helps to realize the best prize.


We offer an experienced company appraisal:

  • Merchantable company appraisal 
  • Serious estimation of values
  • Moderation, i.e. also of family internal company values
  • Due Diligence



Company succession – here espiacially

Company Sale


30 percent of all company successions are solved through the sale of the company, tendency increasing. Especially with the sale of your company you profit from our experiences as well as from our strengths.  


As experts for the company succession we offer:

  • Strong and really personal process management
  • Intensive and well organized time management
  • Absolute Discretion through long-term experience in practice
  • Fair valuation of your success chances



Company succession – We are your experts


Beside of the usual reasons of the company succession (i.e. age) are also special and unexpected or suddenly appearing situations the determinative reason.


  • Company succession in because of disease, accident etc.
  • Company succession in because unexpected economic situation, i.e. decrease in turnover, loss of clients etc.



That’s why we offer our succession services as follows:


1) Passive mandate – we implement your company succession including all necessary frame information into our portfolio. Suitable successors will be presented in the event it is incidental.


2) Active mandate – we analyze, attend and merchandize your company succession from the company appraisal via the search and negotiations until the successful handing over in relation to the agreement. You fully profit from our know-how, our tong-term experience as well as from our competence in negotiation, solution communication and integration. We develop and perform intensively the best target-orientated measurements for you company succession.  


3) Modular succession attending – You profit from single services for your company succession by special agreements, i.e. company appraisal, due diligence, solution communication etc.



Check List Company Succession


Before you start your process of company succession, you should get clear with some various aspects and questions. The following checklist helps you to structure the beginning of an important and very emotional process like your company succession. In addition you find further checklists within our sector “check lists” on this site. The area “Company Exchange - Offers Buying & Selling” (in German only) may offer you some first interesting contacts.


  • At first make clear, whether you find suitable internal candidates who are interested and who could be a possibility.  
  • Clarify, whether there are suitable business partners for the succession.
  • Develop your personal time range for the succession. Now a first contact to a succession expert is useful in because of various possible effects to the time and succession conditions according to the model for the branch, market, special kind of company etc.
  • Identify those criteria and aspects, which could be crucial, i.e. employees, candidates, price, your excellent company’s image etc.  
  • Based on your ideas and personal targets, schedule the major principles for your company succession.
  • Let you support by a professional for company succession. Start the process.



Play your company succession safe!


Using the services of RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult for your company succession you profit from the experience and specialized know-how of 17 years and 2,000 projects.


We’re looking forward to your contact.



Company Succession - Your contact to RPPC


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- via platform company exchange


Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


1) Sources: IFM – Institut für Mittelstandsforschung,

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