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Business Brokerage M&A

Business Brokerage in Germany and Europe


Business Brokerage - mergers and acquisitions

Professional business brokerage is our daily business.


As your competent business broker in all german spoken countries and whole europe with more than 18 years of experience we advice you and attend to all your questions as well as tasks around the successful business brokerage.


Business Brokerage & Transaction Consulting


Because of being engineers our self we are specialized to the technical branches. Our competence range reaches from the electronics, the mechanical engineering and synthetic technique till the engineering offices und software companies. Also we successful attend to the wholesale trade as well as to the trade business in general.


Our business brokerage offers:

1.) Experience from more than 2,000 M&A projects
2.) Extensive contacts (sellers as well as purchasers)
3,) We always work absolutely confidential
4.) We have reliable and perfected marketing strategies
5.) Reliability and professional acting
6.) You also get the professional prepared company assessment by us



Business brokerage

for medium-sized and small enterprises SME´s

Our projects are focused to medium-sized and small companies.
Herewith we work for company buyers as well as for company sellers. That’s why we always know both sides of negotiation. So we also know exactly, what is when and where to do.



Buying and selling companies - M&A in german and europe

The company brokerage is a kind of business, we – of course – run also internationally, because the buyers from Asia until America plays more and more a crucial role especially with the sale of a company.

We know the necessary details and destination to a successful business brokerage

The intensive analysis belongs to a serious company sale. We identify for you all features and the potential of your company to get a useful planning for the best possible practice which is especially needed with the financial planning as a very important part of the entire process. These are the key factors for a successful and stabile positioning of sales conditions and prize later with the negotiations.



M&A Target Sourcing - business brokerage Germany !

We know how it works.


Business Broker Germany

Additionally to the analysis, the valuation of the company is a quite important and necessary step. Together with the comprehensive expert opinion, we guarantee best competence and clear statements. Only an entire and complete documentation makes the company brokerage successful.


Transaction consulting M&A

Best preparation is the basis of our success.


The individual tailored research for interested parties needs experience and know-how. Since more than 17 years the investigation is our daily business, just as the identification and realization of potential partner contacts. Further a professional database is inalienable in the way we use it.
Of course, our research and business brokerage is international as well as domestic. For that we are partner within a international network of consultants.



Target scourcing and marktscreening

to find concretely interested parties


One of the most important challenges within the business brokerage process – no matter whether sale or purchase of a company - is to find the best suitable person or target for negotiation.


Our brokerage services:

  • Experience from more than 2,000 M&A projects
  • More than 1,5 millions of company data
  • A comprehensive national and international network
  • Experience in research and investigation
  • Best know-how in communication and marketing

Because of that we are your specialist for the search of suitable partners, no matter whether for the sale or purchase of a company.



Interesting targets and successful M&A deals

We know how to act.


Our procedure is target oriented, individual tailored and of course discreetly. – These and our network as well as name recognition support you in shaping your sale or purchase of a company.



Our communication skills is your success

Principally the brokerage of companies is a question of sensitiveness combined with strategy. We are specialized in the observance of tact during the entire procedure of negotiation beginning from the first contact till the end of the successful deal.


We are your business broker in Germany and Europe

You shouldn’t be satisfied less than the best.

Ask now for your information package with company brokerage, via Email at rolf.popp(at) or use the contact form on this sites.
We gladly send you our detailed information, which give you a personal and transparent overview about our procedure and key factors for your success.


We’d like to make you an attractive off

fair and individual.





Our Full M&A Service

Additionally to our own consulting business, we offer you some further services via our partner network, needed within the process of company brokerage. So you profit from the close full service co-operation of chartered accountants, patent attorneys, environment analysts, insurance specialists etc.


Business Brokerage – your negotiation strategy

In the event you want to buy or to sell a business, very often it happens that you already have some concrete contacts or objects in mind. 

As your experienced business broker we know that this not bad, but today these kind of negotiation is failing regularly. Only one negotiation parties is mostly not enough, because there are too much situations and factors which bring the process to failure. In addition the probability of such a failure also increases without any professional care by an experienced consultant who knows to interpret the relevant signals.

Our clear suggestion: Let you support by an expert for business brokerage, even you already have an interested party for negotiation or not.


Business Segments

Strategy and Growth Consulting

If you want a bit more SUCCESS!


Based on our extensive experience, we analyze the companies of our clients in detail. We identify chances as well as risks, and find the right opportunities and solutions for a successful future.


Strategy Consulting / Growth Consulting:

  • Company analysis
  • Analysis for corporate strategy and growth
  • Corporate planning
  • Development of strategies, competitive advantages and specific measures


To achieve this, we discuss and develop suitable strategies, models, and concepts for your prospective success.



Business Broker SME Germany Europe

We are your business broker for SMEs in Germany, Europe

Nowadays, every corporate leader or top manager has to attend to all topics of mergers & acquisitions. We are experienced business brokers and M&A consultants in Europe headquartered near Frankfurt a. M.:


  • Business sales
  • Business acquisitions 
  • Transaction consulting
  • Company appraisals
  • Market screening
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Company mergers


business brokerage, analyses, consulting





Business Marketplace - Offers

Here you can find a special selection of our business brokerage M&A projects.


Righthand you get to our up-to-date offers and requests regarding


  • Business Sales Offers
  • Business Acquisition Requests


We are glad to provide you further information and talk to you about our internal opportunities. Please contact us directly to discuss your intention.


PS: Our business marketplace is always up-to-the-minute at your disposal!




Research & Target Sourcing

We offer an efficient search for suitable objects as well as a complete market screening to our business broker customers


It is getting more and more important to find the best and right business partner. Therefore research and contact handling are crucial for success.


For you and for your company we provide:

  • Target profiling
  • Market Sreening 
  • Research process


On the basis of our longstanding experience we exactly know how it works. We would like to support your search.



Company Appraisals

Theory is patient. – We prefer both, theory and practice!


As your business broker we also offer analyses and valuations. So we determine real values, potentials and needs, but also the risks. We know how to appraise the facts.


Company Appraisal – our offers:

  • Company Appraisal as Assessment Report
  • Company Appraisal as Value Estimation
  • Continuation Forecast – IDW Standard
  • Situation Analysis
  • Evaluation of Future Viability
  • Due Diligence


With 20 years of experience, we offer you realistic valuations for marketable company values as one of our business brokerage services.




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