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Company Positioning

We transfer knowledge, we show success factors and we offer useful consulting in company positioning!

Modern Company positioning is an interaction

between vision/mission, values, analysis and market


Every company has a kind of company positioning, but only few know it in detail or know how their customers perceive it. The positioning on the market results from company activities as well as from the individual communication that a company sends out. The decisive factor is usually the interpretation of the market and not the own interpretation, because it's on the market where the contact decision, the award of a contract or the consideration of a business relationship takes place.


Company positioning is a task for real strategists!

Reasons for company positioning


General reasons


a) Totally new positioning
b) Expansion of the positioning
c) Repositioning


Specific reasons

• Reorientation and corrections
• Development of new products
• Decrease in turnover and profit
• Establishment of new business fields
• Entry into new markets
• Disproportional growth
• Company merger and company purchase
• The desire to be perceived differently 
• Long-term period without any positioning
• Different internal understandings and communication concerning the company positioning
• Major changes in the company 
• Achieving a unique competitive position
• Image building and image cultivation
• Approaching the target group
• Activating the company's potential
• Better and more understandable customer communication


The task: Occupying of a target-orientated position and concrete differentiation from the competition!



Advantages and benefits of a company positioning


• Better differentiation from the competition
• Enabling of a target-orientated acting
• Increasing of the competitiveness
• A number of best customers
• Realization of a more effective market penetration
• More business deals
• Simplification of the sales success
• Opportunities for more profit
• Useful and more specific directing of investments
• Reduction of advertising costs


Company positioning is the gateway to the trend “customer”.



We know what to do !


The development of turnover as well as the customer structure of a specific business segment, product or service is supplying the first information about the actual existing company positioning. But also elements like the entire assortment, the company culture, company targets and practice, the owners, employees etc. plays an important role with the company positioning.


Strategically company positioning

is like the production of a patent key


The company positioning is like the production of a patent key to the door “Customer”. For that the key “positioning” is – beside of all facets, details and edges – to understand as an all-in-one-package to work with in a really deep and exact way. Only this enables the competitive success and opens the door lock to the customer.



Method and analysis of the company positioning

We look exactly !


First of all the characteristics of a company are to see and to analyze. On the other hand are to work out the market facts in relation to the company and its assortment.


The company positioning is steadily in progress, we all are recognizing in our individual way and the market changes day-to-day. The established and lived modes of behaviors as well as the company performance suddenly don’t fit any more to the customer requirements or they are outdated. This kind of process is flowing and slinking. At most the people within a company don’t see it in because of their position inside of the system. Such a kind of changes can be seen and analyzed only from outside by the targeted and intensive investigation.


That’s why we speak here from the internal self-interpretation and there from the external assessment.



Concept Company positioning:

External assessment versus internal awareness

The practice shows that the results of these two points of view are different in fact. These could be imagined as the overlap of two circles. In the event of only small differences, there are just a few problems by acceptance, the overlap is relationally big. Additionally it’s possible to increase the accordance thru a targeted customer marketing. Nevertheless if the interpretations are quite different to each other, a company normally can’t conquer the critical hurdle of customer acceptance and won’t be a business partner for the next future. That case all efforts were ineffective.


Evaluation, Adapting and Optimizing of the company positioning!



With most of the companies the existing positioning is a random result of the actual business activities in combination with the company communication. Very often is to state that the existing positioning is no longer suitable for the market and too old. Concrete analyses, continuous optimizations and a strong vision or vision is missed.


Just with young companies such a kind of changes often comes after approx. 10 years. A typical attribute of positioning changes is the decrease of turnover and profit. On the other hand the development of new business segments, products or services could also change the customers’ awareness.

With older enterprises we often see that it has been a long time since the last positioning review or re-adjustment. That means also an actual demand for action.



Contents and procedure of our company positioning:


1. Neutral analysis of the initial situation

a. Persons
b. business segments, Products, Services
c. Company
d. Customer

2. Analysis of the competition
3. Analysis of the market
4. Work-out and recognizing of suitable positioning opportunities
5. Determining of a sustainable company positioning
6. Deducing of measurements and acting
7. Developing of targeted activities
8. Regular reviewing and adapting of the company positioning

Sensitive recognizing which kind of company positioning is really suitable.


For that a lot of experience is needed as well as a deep know-how with the company analysis. This is to see in combination to the estimation skills of the actual or prospective competition. A crucial role plays also the competitive advantages, the market itself and the potentials of a company. – At the end, the founded positioning has to be lived and to come true in reality.

Background & Experience Dipl.-Wirtsch. Ing. (FH) Rolf Popp:


• 20 years of experience in the strategic consulting
• Analyzing of several hundred enterprises
• Current dialogue to successful entrepreneurs and CEOs
• Specialist for competitive advantages
• Docent for corporate management
• Docent for marketing and distribution


In addition we realize:


• Neutral, open perspectives
• Sensitive recognizing and estimating of the initial situation
• Deep and intensive corporate know-how
• Experienced knowledge relating to the sustainability of companies
• Creativity


Offer Company Positioning

  • Sustainable consulting and support.




Consulting Company Positioning

 • We readily make you a complete offer for the revision of your company positioning.




Workshop Company Positioning

• You can order a workshop. Understanding and recognizing of the most important aspects, factors for success and opportunities.


Coaching Company Positioning

• Knowledge transfer within a coaching.



Examples Company Positioning

 • Of course we always give you concrete samples and models.



Methods Company Positioning

 • We developed concrete methods and procedures for target-orientated and quick results.



References Company Positioning

• We gladly provide you a selection of references.



We support you individual, target-orientated and competent thru our expert knowledge and long-term personal experience with the company positioning. That’s your competitive advantage.



Business Segments

Strategy and Growth Consulting

If you want a bit more SUCCESS!


Based on our extensive experience we analyze the companies of our clients in detail. We identify chances as well as risks, and find the right opportunities and solutions for a successful future.


Strategy Consulting / Growth Consulting:

  • Company analysis
  • Analysis for corporate strategy and growth
  • Corporate planning
  • Development of strategies, competitive advantages and specific measures


For this we discuss and develop suitable strategies, models and concepts for your prospective success.



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We are your business broker for SMEs located in Germany, Europe

Today every corporate leader or top manager has to attend to all topics of mergers & acquisitions. We are experienced business brokers and M&A consultants in Europe with our headquarter near Frankfurt a.M.:


  • Business sales
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  • Transaction consulting
  • Company appraisals
  • Market screening
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Company mergers


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Research & Target Sourcing

We offer to our business broker customers the efficient search for suitable objects as well as the complete market screening


Even today it becomes more and more important to find the best and right business partner. For that the research as well as the contact handling is crucial to the success.


For you and for your company we find:

  • Target profiling
  • Market Sreening 
  • Research process


On the basis of our longstanding experience we exactly know how it works. We’d be glad to support your search.



Company Appraisals

Theory is patient. – We prefer both, theory and practice!


As your business broker we also offer analyses and valuations. Therefore we determine real values, potentials and needs, but also the risks. We know how to appraise the facts.


Company Appraisal – our offers:

  • Company Appraisal as Assessment Report
  • Company Appraisal as Value Estimation
  • Continuation Forecast – IDW Standard
  • Situation Analysis
  • Evaluation of Future Viability
  • Due Diligence


With 20 years of experience we offer you realistic valuations for marketable company values as one of our business brokerage services.




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