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target profiling

We scan the market in order to find your target

Target Profiling

Our tactically generated search profile is one of the crucial success factors within every search process, even for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) or strategic partnerships and co-operations.

A professionally optimized search profile plays a special role in the search for enterprises, partnerships, etc. because a number of details influence these sensitive procedures which are crucial for success. However, the potential failure not only means a lost project but very often also the end for the business sale, the business acquisition or a management buy-in (MBI). - Our strategically and tactically orientated target profiling exactly makes that difference.


Pic.: Segmentation of the search profile / ROLF POPP PRO Consult


What we do in the segmentation is to split the aspects of any search (acquisition, sale, partner) in various segments which are to be classified relevantly. These arranged segments correspond to each other so that the achieved results will realize the best contacts.


We prepare this search profile which meets your targets for


business sales

business acquisitions


strategic partnerships!



A really target-oriented segmentation is necessary for the successful target profile to get the best result in the search for your negotiation partners. In addition, a functional search profile will safe you time and money.



Our target profiling = your success in search by order!


In the scope of a M&A project, you will receive a fair and constructive estimation of your M&A targets and ideas, ... and alternative proposals, if necessary. Together with you and your targets we develop a strategic profile and a procedure which will work successfully in the search.



Target profiles by RPPC ROLF POPP PRO Consult i.e. contain the following components:


  • Coverage of all target groups / candidates
  • Implementation in the context
  • Identification of priorities and relevance
  • Summary and presentation of the research strategy
  • Carrying out of the search


Target profiling is a core part and competitive advantage of our proven success in the field of mergers and acquisitions - since 17 years and with the experience of more than 2,000 M&A projects.


We are looking forward to your project and the related challenge.



Business Segments

Business Broker SME Germany Europe

We are your business broker for SMEs in Germany and Europe

Nowadays, every corporate leader or top manager has to attend to all topics of mergers & acquisitions. We are experienced business brokers and M&A consultants in Europe with headquartered near Frankfurt a. M.:


  • Business sales
  • Business acquisitions 
  • Transaction consulting
  • Company appraisals
  • Market screening
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Company mergers


business brokerage, analyses, consulting





Business exchange marketplace - Offers

Here you can find our SME business exchange selection with interessting offer and request projects.


Righthand you get to our up-to-date offers and requests regarding.


  • Business Sales Offers
  • Business Acquisition Requests


We are glad to provide you further information and talk to you about your wishes and our internal opportunities. Please contact us directly to discuss your intention.


PS: Our business marketplace is always up-to-the-minute at your disposal!




Research & Target Sourcing

We offer an efficient search for suitable objects as well as a complete market screening to our business broker customers


It is getting more and more important to find the best and right business partner. Therefore research and contact handling are crucial for success.


For you and for your company we provide:

  • Target profiling
  • Market Sreening 
  • Research process


On the basis of our longstanding experience we exactly know how it works. We would like to support your search.



Company Appraisals

Theory is patient. – We prefer both, theory and practice!


As your business broker we also offer analyses and valuations. So we determine real values, potentials and needs, but also the risks. We know how to appraise the facts.


Company Appraisal – our offers:

  • Company Appraisal as Assessment Report
  • Company Appraisal as Value Estimation
  • Continuation Forecast – IDW Standard
  • Situation Analysis
  • Evaluation of Future Viability
  • Due Diligence


With 20 years of experience, we offer you realistic valuations for marketable company values as one of our business brokerage services.




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