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Strategy Consulting

best preperation for increasing the value of your company


We analyze your company for competitive advantages !


Competitive advantages are those factors which brings a company to success.

… faster, easier, more economically orientated and especially by using a less of efforts.


Strategy consulting: Generating competitive advantages

It is important generating new and individual suitable measures for this one, who has only a few competitive advantages. These have to fit to company, products and – of course - management as well. As your expert, we’re specialized to identify and establish exactly your competitive advantages.


Recognizing latent existing

competitive advantages

Latent existing competitive advantages are obvious in detail, so make them clear and usable. – Latent existing competitive advantages very often are key-factors which are not concretely in mind of the management or employees. Especially for increasing the returns in a fast way, the analyzing and use of competitive advantages is crucial, i.e. for the interlocking of customers or organizations.

A neutral visual range helps you to recognize your competitive advantages !


The practice shows that companies very often do neither see nor use their competitive advantages in an active or conscious way.


Me and my team are helping you to use your competitive advantages

Only who knows his competitive advantages will be able using them for success and for going ahead. Especially for the distribution management the competitive advantages are essential. Our analysis makes your distribution more effective for finding, holding and binding your customers.


Competitive advantage:

Finding, inspiring, activating and holding customers in a specific way !

Using competitive advantages often means an optimized self-presentation of the company, product etc. through a right strategy and tactical measures. We know exactly which kind of competitive advantages work for your best to increase success. I´ll help you to activate them.


My analysis and strategy consulting is saving your success of tomorrow !

We present all necessary measurements for creating and using your competitive advantages.


Link to our internet-blog "competitive advandages" (in German)

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Capital Raising

We support you in raising of capital! 

There has never been as much capital in the world as there is today. Capital procurement, however, is also a very complex process so that it is not always easy to realise it.


Capital rasing is a critical strategy aspect


As specialized expert, Me and my team support you within all phases of capital procurement. From the preparation of qualified data sheets and presentation material to company planning, negotiation coaching and confidence building measures we stand by your side.


Let’s talk about it.


PS: The specific request is only a small segment of the whole capital procurement. Only who understands capital procurement as a lasting process will be successfull.

Equity Capital

In the field of equity capital we broker partners in the share capital of a company. This generally concerns a shareholding in a company with all or a part of the purchase price being injected into the company as an increase in share capital plus a mark-up. Other forms are also conceivable.


Supra Marketing

Our marketing concept for sustainable success

Supra marketing is the process by which we derive an individual best-practice marketing strategy with a custom-made marketing concept for your company.

Our supra marketing aims at achieving a business development which is characterized by better-than-average efficiency and sustainability.

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